Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015

As another year begins I would like to thank the wonderful clients and dogs that I was privileged to spend time with in 2014. The bond between dogs and their humans often displays our ability to care in good times, bad times and through ill health. A dogs life is generally 20% of the expectancy of people, and in that time they pack in as much fun, love, enjoyment and naughtiness as they can. Time flies by so quickly that every minute is something to be treasured. My sincere condolences to those that lost their best buddy in 2014, and I wish you much luck, love and happiness for the years ahead.

Condolences 2014

Archilles, Abby, Buddy, Bruce, Chillie, Daphne, Deisel, Dunstan, Felix, Jess, Little Jock, Kelly, Martha, Milo, Mr Mutley, Oska, Patches, River, Rosie, Tilly and Wilbur. It has been my pleasure to help and work on these beautiful dogs through the last few years of their life.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014

As another year draws to a close I would like to thank the wonderful clients whose dogs I have worked on throughout the year and to wish everyone a safe and festive christmas season and a happy and healthy year ahead. Working with such beautiful creatures I feel blessed to be able to help ease their pain and improve the quality of movement and gait.

Condolences 2013

My love and deepest sympathy to those who have lost their much cherished companion and my admiration for the love, care and committment they have shown. It's one of the most difficult things to bear and knowing when it's time to let go is an emotional roller coaster that many of us have shared. I feel lucky and priviledged to have been able to help and give thanks to the wonderful dog owners I have met who keep showing me the depth of love that is in their hearts for their fur babies. Those that passed in 2013 and will be fondly remembered and forever in my heart.

Arky, Barney, Buzzy, Chleo, Charlie, Dackl, Dusty, Elf, Gabrielle, Kaspar, Kobi, Matilda, Misky, Mulder, Ned, Octavius, Penny, Pharoah, Ritchie, Sasha, Solar, Venus, Walt, Wannabee and Big Zeena (aka Little Pumpkin) and of course my beloved 20 year old cat 'Pudding Puss'.

30 December 2013

As a sad addition to the end of year we mourn the loss today of Smiling Sophie the Wonderdog. A red heeler x who showed me trust and perseverance and 21 massages before she allowed proper body work. It was my pleasure to have been able to assist her in the last years of her life and at last count had received over 130 massages. Love be with you .

Now at the Rainbow Bridge. Out of pain and running free xx

Condolences 2012

Olive Parncutt - 5/2/1998 - 17/7/2012

After a brave and fruitful life, my faithful loving strong and beautiful kelpie Olive passed away on 17 July 2012 after a battle with auto-immune disease and cancer. Diagnosed with meningitis at only 18mths and an immune system that hardly worked she overcame the negatives to live a full and happy life until 14.5 years. Olive taught me how to live, how to love, how to care and most of all when to let go. Sadly a week before Olive went, Antigoni a 15yr old retriever and Khloe's sister also succumbed to old age and passed away. I had the privilege of working on Antigoni and Khloe for nearly three years and the fact that they both went together with Elmo then Olive makes me smile at the greetings, sniffing and playtime that would have gone on at the Rainbow Bridge. An anonymous quote comes to mind - 'The best place to bury the dog is in the heart of it's owner'.

Olive and Elmo - thank you both for the privilege of your friendship, love and devotion. I will miss you.

Elmo Parncutt - 12/9/1999 - 27/2/2012

Sadly my beautiful dalmatian Elmo passed away on February 27 2012 after a long battle with heart disease. Elmo taught me the power of love, the power of hope and the ability to always see the glass half full. I will miss him with all my heart but know he is out of pain and in a happier place. Beautiful Khloe, a golden retriever I had the priviledge of working on for the last few years also lost her battle with lymphatic cancer and has gone to meet Elmo at the Rainbow Bridge. My heart goes out to Annette Graham and Antigoni whose loss is huge, loving and caring for her from a puppy until her passing. RIP

Merry xmas and a happy new year for 2012

101 Palpations wishes to thank the clients who have allowed me the priviledge to work on their beautiful canine companions during 2011. I look forward to continuing to assist your dogs in the future. It's been a very rewarding and exciting year in which I have also met and taught myofunctional students from Asia and to see their enthusiasm and committment to taking natural therapies back home.

I also wish to congratulate Merryn and her beautiful dog Jasmine who are the lucky winners of the 2011 xmas massage voucher.

Merry christmas 2010

101 Palpations wishes to express our sincere thanks at the wonderful support from our clients during 2010. It has been an absolute delight to work on your dogs, to see improvement in many and to be able to alleviate the discomfort and aches in our beautiful canine companions. I would also like to send my condolences to those of you whose best buddies went to heaven this year after years of devotion, love and enduring companionship. RIP to those who have passed away and sympathies to those wonderful owners who have felt the deepest heartache following their loss.

December 16 2010

Congratulations to Annie DeLange and her beautiful blue heeler 'Tiffany' who are the winners of the 2010 dog massage.

December 22, 2009

Congratulations to Aiden McMahon and his lovely sharpei 'Oprah' who are the winners of the 2009 dog massage.

101 Palpations wishes all its clients and friends a safe and well christmas and a fabulous 2010.

August 25 2009

Yesterday Maddy the 15yr old Blue Heeler (pictured above) passed away peacefully whilst lying in the sun and enjoying her front garden. Her endurance, love and desire to live had run its course and she was ready to return to her maker. Our heartfelt sympathy and love are extended to amazing owner Barbara Bourke, who gave Maddy the best of everything and went through every step with her beloved mate, never giving up and allowing Maddy to choose her time, place and destiny.

RIP Maddy

More News about Charlotte

Charlotte is enjoying her new life with a loving family including two young kids and a 2 year old male dog Zac. She is now enjoying a fun packed life with daily walks, runs and swims at the beach. At night she snores away lying on her bed with her besotted boyfriend by her side. She is now enjoying her forever home where she is safe, secure and loved.

New TENS Electrical Stimulation Therapy now on offer.

A safe gentle effective way to help your dog cope with the discomfort and pain associated with muscle tightness, arthritis, body imbalance and repair from injury. Enquire now on how it can help your dog

December 16 2008

Congratulations to Elizabeth Barry and 'Boy' - the christmas winners of the 1 hour dog massage.

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October 3 2008 - The Importance of Yawning

Yawning is a valuable thing for your dogs built up stresses and strain. See our 'Other Stuff' page for more information.

August 10 2008

Doggie Bad Breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, is an unpleasant odor coming from your dog's mouth. It's more than just "doggie breath" in that it is offensive. Usually halitosis has oral causes, although sometimes it can be caused by other disease processes.

Some of these include inflammation of the gums, tooth abscesses, mouth wounds, mouth cancers, lung disease and even severe kidney disease. Consult your veterinarian if your pet has prolonged bad breath or a noticeable change in his breath

July 21 2008

With the weather cool it's important your dog has a comfortable, warm and sheltered bed. If your dog sleeps outside make sure the bed is not sitting directly on concrete or bricks. Poor sleeping arrangements are one of the main contributing factors leading to arthritis and chills.

January 7 2008

Heat, heat and more heat. If its bad for us imagine what our dogs are going through. All that panting and hard breathing can be quite tiring. Make sure your pet is not out in this excessive heat. If you have no option but to put them out, make sure they have at least two bowls of water, some shade and somewhere comfortable to lie down in.

December 4 2007

101 Palpations would like to thank the many valued clients who have sought our services in 2007. It has been an exciting year for us, treating many dogs from the very small to the very large and a range of those in between.

Don't forget summer is the time we need to be more vigilant with our pets. As well as snakes, bees, spiders and insects, the heat, inadequate hydration and overexersion can have an adverse affect. Make sure your pet has plenty of water, plenty of shade and has a cool place to sleep during the day out of the sun. If we feel hot and uncomfortable, imagine what it would be like wearing a fur coat.

We wish you a very safe and happy festive season and look forward to seeing you again in the new year.

Make sure 3 October 2007

Spring is upon us, the birds are nesting, dogs are shedding hair and the allergens are rising. If you dog starts to itch, gets red irritated patchy areas on the belly, groin, under arms and paws there is a simple yet effective solution you can try. The plant Aloe Vera in its natural state is an excellent source with therapeutic healing properties that also alleviate itch. Buy a plant for your garden, cut off a leaf, trim the thorns off each side then peel back the outer skin to expose the green sticky almost honey like sap. Gently apply it to the skin and it will start to repair very quickly. Its non toxic, always on hand and has marvellous benefits for both you and your pet.

18 August 2007

Spring is just around the corner and the time we become aware we are a little less fit and a little more stiff after a winter spent at home. Over the colder months our pets also lose body tone and muscle mass so now is the time to start the get fit plan.

Exercise and diet are key factors in maintaining physical and mental health. Those extra treats and second helpings absorbed over winter have been ideal padding during the cold but are nothing but a hindrance in the warmer months.

So get up in the early morning and give your dog a run or walk. The early dew and the sound of waking birds can lift the soul and give you both the ideal start for a relaxing and enjoyable day.

As we think about diet keep in mind there are many foods that are toxic to your pets and should never be ingested. Some of these include everyday products such as margerine, chocolate, macadamia nuts and onion. Want to know more... please refer to the 'Services' page for the nutritional section of our site.

01 August 2007

With such cold and windy weather upon us, it's time to spare a thought for all the sad homeless dogs and cats that have found themselves, through no fault of their own at animal shelters, waiting and hoping that someone will take them into their hearts with offers of a forever home.

If you already have pets and can't take on another permanent animal why not consider becoming a foster carer until the forever home is found. History shows that in most cases these are loving and caring animals, usually neglected, often lacking in trust and unfamiliar with love and affection. Just check out any of the shelter websites and you'll see many happy adoption tales, along with many sad faces waiting to be given a home. (check out our links pages)